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Harpsichord Concert in London

Classical concerts by WKMT Happy New Year to you all! We are now back and fully ready to start a musical year fulfilled of musical events and concerts in London always organised by us and WKMT London Piano studios. This January 2019, we have a new topic based on our...

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Students’ Classical Concerts

Students’ Classical Concerts. Students’ Classical Concerts. A NEW CLASSICAL CONCERT IN LONDON THIS AUTUMN '18. LONDON PIANO RECITALS by WKMT A new Classical Event is now being prepared for the 17th of November 2018 at the glorious Pushkin House. The famous music room...

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Dynamic and Trendy Music hub

With the Support of WKMT London is a WKMT Ltd. enterprise. Learning music implies both appreciating music and performing it. Music comes in a wide variety of forms and combinations. A full musical experience involves receiving the proper stimulation.

Monthly concerts and Bi Annual Festivals

At and we are committed to produce monthly concerts with top artists. Our main venue for thes events is St. Cuthbert’s Philbeach Gardens in Kensington and Chelsea, London. We also organise bi-annual festivals at premium London locations like Burgh House, Pushkin House, Arts Club 1901 amongst others.

Worldclass Performers

The constant influx of world-class performers is a product of our partnership with WKMT London. Our performers can be directly involved with the organisation or connected to it due to any of its many social activities.

The Perfect platform for music enthusiasts and musicians to connect with each other

Students can meet their colleagues

Music fans can meet people equally enthusiastic about music

Musicians Network


Agents can see performers in action

Music teachers who perform can show their students their performance skills

WKMT and their parties enjoy full access to our concerts. Other members of the public can access these concerts through subscribing to our guest list. If you are not a member of WKMT you can write to [email protected]; our administrator will guide you through the simple purchasing process.

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