WKMT London Festival for Piano Students


Classical Concerts London and WKMT are now organizing a new edition of the famous London Piano Festivals. This time, the X Edition, back to face to face, after the Covid era.

St Cuthbert’s church, Earls Court, London. The venue everyone we should gather on for the June 18th from 1pm to 8pm.

For those who don’t know about this event yet, we are happy to explain further about these famous events in London.

Since 2012, Juan Rezzuto and WKMT have been organizing these events in London. Always in historical venues, where history, art and music could joint perfectly well, to make a date to remember to all those students joining the moment. The aim after all this is basically give opportunities to all those piano students to be able to play in a venue in London. All what they learn during their lessons, finally end on stage, in front of an active audience to express and show what they are capable of on the piano.


What is the sense of learning an instrument with no events such as these?

It is exactly like football. Playing and training football every week, but no playing a match, is like something unfinished. You need to train and play, that’s the story, with a beginning and an end, or at least a chapter closing to let the new one begin. That’s the main reason behind it, and we do believe is such a good idea, and every music studio/school should provide their students with opportunities like this. If yours doesn’t have it, you can always join us!


Find all the details on the link aforementioned. You can also call the office on +442071014479. Tickets are now available either for performers and guests. If you mention you come from our website, they will provide you with 10% discount on your tickets! Looking forward to seeing you all there.