Online Piano Recitals

All music venues, and classical concert organizers have been forced to change the way they used to work, and face the new normality. A normality in which music is hard to get in.

Honestly, how many concerts or recitals have you attended in the last three or four months?

The answer for the vast majority, whether the city they live in, is zero. Which is an enormous tragedy. We get by, we go on, but if we think about it, is like shortening a part of our lives. We, European citizens, that made music for the last five centuries, if no more, we have been forced to stay in, and not being able to show everyone our music, our art, our skills, what we love.

It means a lot for musicians to be able to continue playing. Otherwise is like being caped from something they most love and they live by. So at Classical concerts London team, we decided, together with WKMT London, to continue organize concerts the new way: remotely. For that reason we are preparing a few programmes for the coming Winter 2020 and year 2021 via online. Obviously if restrictions are lifted at some points, making gatherings safe, we will do so possible to do so face to face. Something we miss terribly.


So for now, what’s on?

WKMT II Online Edition Piano Recitals have just been released: 28th November 2020 from 4 pm. Link above for all the info and watch it online.

After the success in June, WKMT Students of all levels, will gather again via Zoom to show us what they learnt with WKMT Teachers and what they are capable of. Also on the 31st October 2020, from 6.00pm UK Time, Rinaldo Merlo, one of our advanced students will be playing via online from our Steinway Grand Piano in Camberwell. A beautiful programme you should not miss. Use the same link to watch him playing online. Call 02071014479 for more info.