Another Exciting Performance by Juan Rezzuto.

Another Exciting Performance by Juan Rezzuto.

Haydn Piano Concerto Once Again in London.

Grand Christmas Concert by WKMT London

Start your Christmas celebrations with the last WKMT Concert of the year at St. Cuthbert’s Church which will host the event and in which you will be able to soak its wonderful acoustics.

This concert features from Haydn Piano Concerto in C performed by Juan Rezzuto along to WKTM String Quintet,  all crowned by a selection of your favourite carols by the brand new WKMT Amateur Ensemble.

Either if you are already taking Piano Lessons with WKMT studio, or if you would like to enjoy a marvellous evening, WKMT studio offers a concert to enjoy from the cheerful and delicate music Joseph Haydn, the blithe precursor, who gave form to the symphony and string quartets for others to build on, to the exquisite, Claude Debussy’s Petite Suite. This piece is formed by four moderately long pieces, composed from 1886-1889,  are in Debussy’s early style, which we could say is less “impressionistic”, which brings originality to the concert, it is set in 4 movements which the gamut from the magnificent Ballet with its lovely ‘Tempo di Valse’ section to the animated ‘Cortege.’ Fun and rewarding music in the French nineteenth-century idiom.

These concerts allow the piano students of WKMT to ask prior to the concert questions regarding the style and structure of the pieces that will allow them to raise their awareness of its complexity and in this way, they will enjoy much more to either the Piano tutors that will perform them, this creates a perfect cycle between the students and teachers that is reflected on the spirit that these concerts are organized and created by WKMT studio.

We also have organised a last surprise for the evening, a selection of traditional English Christmas Carols to welcome winter holidays and welcome a new year! The songs will be performed by the WKMT Amateur Ensemble along with the WKMT String Quintet. It will be a night not to miss!

Come on, join us for a fantastic classical concert in London this December. Book your tickets.