The historical backdrop of the piano is the aftereffect of the improvement of various instruments, beginning with the Zither (initially from Africa and Southeast Asia in 3000 BC) and the Monochord. Its development proceeded through different sorts of instruments, all with similar mechanical framework among strings and fingers.

The Italian Bartolomeo Cristófori, who around 1700, gave the piano its final shape, with the quantity of 88 keys.

Starting here, we can begin discussing the historical backdrop of the piano itself, the different and extraordinary musicians (and arrangers) that were conceived because of this occasion.

The latter would be an short intro about the beginnings of the piano as an instrument. We need this to position ourselves on the idea. With this intro, WKMT talks about who the best pianists in the world are. Some already gone, but definitely still with us, and part of music history. And some others still playing concerts, superb and incredibly well. Some people who seem to come from another world when they play. Flawless.

Classical Concerts London is a team fulfilled with musicians. Music is our passion, and whether our preferences are about the piano players, there are some entelechias that are overall in terms of their skills, expression and precission when playing the piano. Undoubtedly, concert pianists who made history in music and piano performances. And that is exactly what the post by WKMT talks about.


From W.A. Mozart, passing by Schumann, Rubinstein, Alicia de Larrocha to Kissin and Martha Argerich. Or even the new ones, Chinese artist Lang Lang who managed to get among the greatest ones.

Learning about all of them is such an interesting journey. Iris Kreiman, carefully wrote this piece organizing the thirty-one greatest pianists based on history, performances and skills. From the past to nowadays, making a special mention about the famous Vicenzo Scaramuzza, who is already part of us being the special piano technique used at WKMT Piano lessons London.

We invite you all to click on the link aforementioned and read the full details about each of these thirty-one great pianists in the world!