Concert in London by WKMT

Classical concerts and WKMT London piano studios have recently released of the next concert organised for March 28th 2020, from 6.30 pm.

Our usual concert venue, St Cuthbert’s Church, Earls Court, is now getting ready to host such an event.

This time, we prepared a beautiful programme in which Haydn and Mozart will the main characters on stage. Actually, their famous pieces beautifully played by Juan Rezzuto and Paola Delucchi.

On Haydn’s side, Maestro Rezzuto will play the piano concerto Hob XVIII:7. One of the short concerts from the famous Hoboken than include piano and strings.

On Mozart’s side, Paola Delucchi will be in charge of delivering the Violin concerto Nr 1. A longer version with a solo violin and strings quartet.

The full concert will be professionally recorded by Piano Recording Studio. The same ones always in charge of our concerts.

After several Haydn concertos organised in London with Juan Rezzuto, his cadenzas especially composed by himself for these dates, we experienced a huge success. Plenty of people contacted us expressing how difficult finding a Haydn concerto in London becomes. Thanks to Rezzuto’s project, that is not happening any longer, and we committed ourselves to sponsor every single Haydn piano concerto that should be played in London for all Haydn lovers.

Well, if you like what you read and would love to join us on the 28th of March for a beautiful Saturday evening with these genius composers and fabulous players, do not hesitate and visit the link aforementioned to book your tickets.