Haydn Piano Concerto in London by Juan Rezzuto.

Haydn Piano Concerto in London by Juan Rezzuto.


Juan Rezzuto plays Haydn

Did you come to our previous Haydn piano concerto? On the 24th March, Juan Rezzuto played Haydn piano concerto Hob XVIII: 4, accompanied by Sabrina Curpanen on the piano doing the orchestral part. Well, in case you missed it, here you have a second chance.

We have the date of the next concert by Maestro Juan Rezzuto in London: 13th of October at 5.00 pm. WKMT and Juan Rezzuto have gathered together once again to create the perfect Saturday evening in London. St. Cuthbert’s church, Earls Court will be the hosting a new piano concerto rarely played before in London. Maestro Rezzuto will be playing Hob XVIII:2. Such a beautiful concert we are very proud to present.

This concert comes with some great news:

  • The official presentation of WKMT London Orchestra. The famous piano studio has now its own orchestra to play in different concerts in London and accompany different artists too. Especially, this concert is going to be the starting point of this new adventure for WKMT Orchestra. This piano concert accompanied with the orchestra is going to be very beautiful and impressive. We are sure about it.
  • The unveiling of the new Yamaha Grand concert piano. This jewel will be crowning the stage of this magnificent venue. Thanks to the partnership between WKMT and Markson’s pianos, they have gotten a stunning grand piano to perform all its new concerts programmed. Just to make it all a bit more impressive.
  • We are not allowed to say, but in the concert, there will be a bit more than the Haydn piano concerto. In case you come, you will be delighted with some other performances during the same event.

Check all the details by clicking on the link aforementioned and do not hesitate to book your tickets through WKMT. We hope to see you all there!