Rezzuto plays Haydn Hob XVIII:4

Classical concerts in London brings a new performance on March 30th. Thanks to the sponsorship of WKMT London Music Studio and Markson’s pianos, this event will come true.

Remembering the success of our previous Haydn concert last December, we have organised a new programme in which Haydn is the main character too. Maestro J. Rezzuto will be playing once again for us and all our guests accompanied by WKMT Ensemble.

This time, the main piece is the famous piano concerto in G. A beautiful concerto played on our stunning Yamaha CFX grand piano and seven strings: three violins, one viola, two cellos and one double bass, doing the orchestral sections of the concert. We must say that the cadenzas added to the movements are originally composed by J. Rezzuto. He decided to compose a couple of cadenzas to be played by himself in this beautiful concert. This will make it something memorable as very few pianists compose the cadenzas for the concerts they play. However, Maestro Rezzuto is more than used to it. So do not miss it out and join us on the 30th March from 6.15 pm to watch a very sensible and delicated version of this Haydn concerto.

Also, as the final set of the evening, we will be delighted by a performance of the WKMT student orchestra. The little ones will have the chance of performing beautiful short pieces for the audience, which is something to not miss out, definitely.

For more info and details, do not hesitate to click on the link aforementioned. Book your tickets soon, and join us for this fantastic Saturday evening.

In the meantime, here we leave the full Haydn piano concerto Hob XVIII:2 organised last October 2018 played by J. Rezzuto too. We hope you love it.