London complete Music Teaching Programme

London complete Music Teaching Programme recommended by Classical Concerts London

WKMT has been teaching piano lessons in London since 2010. It has learned about the thousand and one different piano practices currently operating in the city. The truth: the cultural wealth of this city can only be matched by its different and infinite approaches to teaching…

Something as simple as teaching how to play Classical Music sees in London its own reflection, like in a hall of mirrors. What’s the best way of training a piano student? How to keep them motivated? What to do in relation to the different stimulations we need to offer them? These are just the basic questions teachers ask themselves when trying to forge their teaching approach. At WKMT, they are true conservatives. But… Are they retro? Not at all! They are experts in rescuing the best and most solid practises of the past and matching them with the most efficient avant-garde techniques. The fact that a musician needs to develop its three main musical skills doesn’t go unattended at WKMT. They are fully aware of their responsibilities as piano teachers and music educators in general. in order to comply with them is that they have developed an approach that is meant to inspire…

Classical Concerts: They are meant to provide the gathering point for students, teachers and parents of WKMT young musicians. Every musician needs to socialize musically.

London Music Festivals: WKMT’s London Music Festivals are meant to provide the best platform for piano students to portray the result of their efforts. These concerts are organised in smart venues in Central London. At the moment WKMT is running its festival at the gorgeous Pushkin House in front of Bloomsbury Square.

the perfecting of the piano skill: WKMT teaches the piano technique designed by maestro Vicente Scaramuzza at the beginning of the XX century. This technique has proven to be the world’s most successful piano paradigm.