WKMT Music Festival for selected students

Classical Concerts in London comes back with a new event in our always prefered city. This time, from the hands of WKMT London piano studios.

As every year, we leave the professionals and musicians on a side, to prepare the stage for the students. This is the time of the year in which they will show us all what they are capable of, what they learned during their lessons, as well as what they like the most as their first hobby.

In June this year, their IX edition of music festivals got one hundred and ten students performing in front of the audience. It was the most successful festival so far. Guests gathered together to enjoy the beautiful performances of students who tried the best to make us enjoy and overpass their limits and fears. The fear of performing in open spaces full of people attending.

We do like the performing opportunities WKMT brings to the students as performing should be another part within any music learning. You are not complete until you pass successfully a live performance. It should be like to closure of a process, of a subject. All that you learn to put on practice under the stress and nerves. How you manage those nerves and stress and perform it properly, it means another subject within the music tuition.

For that reason, WKMT knows it well, and they bring the X Edition. Although this time, it will only be for selected students. The studio will select some of the best pieces played by a few students. This means that the festival will also be shorter than usual, from 4:00 to 09:30 pm.

Please, all those students not selected in this edition, do not worry at all, the yearly edition in June next year will allocate all of you.

Well, do not miss these performances in London and book your tickets soon. You can check all the information using the link aforementioned.

WKMT Student performing at IX Edition