Piano Technical Advise by Maestro Juan Rezzuto.

Piano Technical Advise by Maestro Juan Rezzuto.

The perfect technique for your future piano concerts.

The Wrist Movement 

New article on the blog. This time, we talk about piano and technique, what is even better if it is explained by our founder Maestro Juan Rezzuto.

Our Maestro is entirely committed to sharing the famous piano technique so many fabulous pianists gave to life. The greatest Martha Argerich is one of the many more. It is a powerful technique that even nowadays is trained despite Vicente Scaramuzza is no longer within us since the 70’s. However, his fellows make sure this art is still active and goes beyond the time, generation after generation, teacher to¬†student and that way for years and years.

Scaramuzza’s story is quite interesting. Italian pianist who won competitions starting performing at the age of seven, winner of a scholarship to study with the best piano teachers for that while in the Academy of Music of Naples. However, his great desire was to become a piano teacher, something very unusual for a pianist with his skills and talent. For that while, he got a position in the Academy of Music of Parma, although after two months teaching he decided to leave as he stated there was no freedom in the art of teaching. That was when he decided to move to Argentina, Buenos Aires in 1907 and started his career as a piano teacher until he founded Scaramuzza Academy of Music in 1912. Since this moment, he became one of the greatest teachers of the XX Century.

Juan Rezzuto was trained by this academy and art through Bruno Gelber, one of the most famous students of Scaramuzza. So he shares this technique with all the students at his studio WKMT London, as well as himself playing concerts in London.

Ps. Our last concert on the 13th of October 2018 by Juan Rezzuto was incredibly stunning. It was a complete success and everyone enjoyed it so much. Do not miss this great article and series and stay tuned for our next concerts with our Maestro in London.