Students’ Classical Concerts.

Students’ Classical Concerts.



A new Classical Event is now being prepared for the 17th of November 2018 at the glorious Pushkin House. The famous music room where some of the best ones are performing when in London nowadays, is now ready to host WKMT Music Festival VIII Edition.

Yes, indeed, all day long with different concerts, recitals and performances at Pushkin House, Not only for piano, but we will also be enjoying guitar, cello, violin and even singing shows. This great opportunity is given by WKMT, the famous London piano studio, to all its students and all those who would love to have the opportunity of performing what they know in front of an audience in a such an inspiring event in central London.

Classical Concerts in London truly recommends this concert as such a beautiful and moving experience. In case you love classical music, do not hesitate and join WKMT for its next Festival. You will also enjoy a fine food catering with nice drinks while meeting people like and tasting the Russian art in Pushkin House walls. Nice exhibitions are always on display during WKMT Concerts.

In case you are looking for a great Saturday in London full of classical music, join this marvellous event. Such a special and unique event for all those piano lovers and music in general. Go to the link aforementioned to check all the info and book your tickets.

Ps. Do not forget to mention you have been referred by Classical Concerts London Team. We hope to see you all there enjoying this great experience.

By the way, we hope to welcome you all in our next Concert on the 13th October by Juan Rezzuto- Haydn Piano Concerto.