Teaching piano in a wholesome way

Teaching piano in a wholesome way

A wonderful approach to teaching piano

Teaching how to play the piano as if it was a regular school subject is a common practice in England. Learning music it’s not only about achieving a certain level of mastership in performing the instrument itself. For a complete beginner, learning to play the piano is a voyage into the depths of their own introspection.

Music can be played, listened to, criticised, commented, praised and, most importantly, music can be communicated. For that reason, piano teachers should always approach the tutoring of the piano in the most comprehensive way possible.

Attending piano concerts and classical music concerts, in general, constitutes a fundamental part of any music student training. Helping the prospective musical individual to become radically more sensitive to music is, maybe, the most important goal to achieve with a student. Without musical sensitivity, there is no room for real progress.

One of the things that WKMT does better is related to organising performance opportunities and collegiate concerts for its students. All WKMT piano students can truly access a training that contemplates their complete musical developments. They perfect their musical skills during the piano lessons, they apply their knowledge in a rhetoric way during and after a monthly concert and they put into practice all their expertise when they perform at WKMT’s bi-annual music festivals.

In this sense, all the three different aspects of learning music are taken care off professionally. Playing the piano implies communicating with and through music. There is no musical training consisting of attending an endless collection of one to one lessons without having ever the chance of meeting other musicians or performing.  Obvious as it sounds, apart from a handful of practices, there are very few music organizations in London which do a proper job training classical pianists in the aforementioned fashion.