IX London Music Festival

Are you getting ready for the next Festival? We truly hope so!

For WKMT piano students, singing and guitar students they organise twice a year a fabulous opportunity to show your progress and share it with people that shares the same passion: music.

15th of June may not be seen now as very far, but when preparing repertoire pieces, one month and a half is just in the corner!

By now, their piano teachers have already told you about this event, but if you up to the challenge of participating, there are a few things to take into account to organise yourself prior to the festival:

Firstly, pick your piece or pieces wisely. It is preferable to play one piece at the highest standard than trying to fit more by the risk of turning this experience in something that could turn overwhelming for you.

Secondly, memorise your piece/s. As the actors that memorise their lines, we as musicians should memorise the pieces to perform, this is the only way to get all the information ingrained in us, from the more technical and mechanical to the most uplifting expressive passages.

Thirdly, get used to playing in front of people. From family to friends or even complete strangers, this will get your confidence high and be ready for the upcoming festival!

Please remember that all these tips are useful whenever you perform live, regardless if it is a concert, audition, exam or festival.

If this is your first time performing in front of a live audience and you are feeling already the butterflies in your stomach…that feeling is completely normal and expected for someone that is facing new challenges. This is the first sign that you show interest and care about this event, but if you follow this advice your performance will improve dramatically.

Good luck and keep practising!

Classical concerts in London is a proud sponsor of this great chance for all those students willing to have their shining moment on stage. You deserve it! Join us on the 15th of June.

Book your tickets calling to 02071014479, WKMT Team will happily help you.