Yes! Finally, we can say that music events in London in person are possible again now, and hoping forever!

After all this pandemic we all are going through, it seems everything is going slightly back to normal. Not as normal as we used to be pre-pandemic, but little by little everything will go back to that point.

WKMT is now in the process of arranging its agenda for 2021. After our last concert in London in 2019, it has been almost 2 years streaming our concerts in empty venues, but now, we will be back to see some people as guests.


Our first date confirmed for 2021 is July 10th from 11.00 am. In London, St Cuthbert’s, we will help WKMT one more time with their piano festivals.


After ten editions, in the last 5 years, students of all levels and ages are called to perform in front of an active audience in London. As part of WKMT Training, amongst some other skills to develop, one of the most important ones is performing what they learn during the year.  Feeling the energy, adrenaline, nerves, managing the anxiety, self-consciousness of our piano performance, and deliver a proper performance and then see people applauding at you: these are the normal emotions that any music student should feel at least once in their lifetime. And this should be the responsibility of the music academies while training the students on music. It is like a football player, what is the importance for a football player if they practice and practice football, but never shows up on the field for a match? The learning process will no be then completed until this last step in their studies. WKMT know this very well, and for that reason, their first date will be this music festival for them, for their students, which is mainly everything about.

Apart from the benefits for any music student, there is also a chance for the guests to celebrate their child achievements. Those guests, the students’ relatives and friends will be invited to join the event and enjoy a day full of music performances, recitals with some refreshments and snacks, which makes a perfect plan for a Saturday in London’ Summer.

If you are in London on this date and looking for a nice musical plan, do not hesitate to join us too. You will fall in love with students’ passion for music! Here below we share our latest festival in London in 2019.

For more info and tickets, visit: www.wkmt.co.uk